Monday, October 10, 2011


Tyler and I decided to prolong the summer, and go to Cancun in September. We were a little worried about the hurricane season, but it turned out beautiful. It was just like summer. Very hot. And I got a sun rash, again, ouch! But it was worth it.We stayed at the ME Hotel, the one that the Real World Cancun was filmed at. So glad we did, it was my most favorite hotel I have ever stayed at. It was very contemporary. The food was spectacular, better than the cruise. We had sushi, and the Hibachi grill, and they had a restaurant like Rodizio Grill, and kept bringing you skewers of food. YUM. We basically ate, drank, and sat in the pool every day. Some fun things we did, were, the first 2 nights we liked to walk down the beach. We saw a group of people standing around, so we walked up to them, and then these guys handed us baby TURTLES!!! We got to set them free into the ocean. They had just hatched from their shells 30 minutes prior to this. It was an amazing experience. We both got to set free about 10 of them, both nights. We never did see the mother tortoise, but the babies were so cute. I will never forget that experience. We also went to Tulum, the ancient Mayan ruins, and Xel-Ha, the natural aquarium. It's basically and inlet of the ocean, with shallow waters, where you can snorkel, or dive, and see tons of tropical fish, which we did. We also cliff jumped, zip lined into the ocean, and floated down a river in our life jackets. I don't have pictures of that because I didn't buy the under water camera, I wish I did. But I would recommend this place, it was one of a kind. Like a water park, but nature made!!! It's easy to say, this was one of our favorite trips ever. I want to do this every year.

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